Civil Society Equity Review of INDCs

We provided the analysis and technical support for The Equity Review of the current round of countries’ climate pledges (aka “INDCs”) undertaken by a unprecedented coalition of global Civil Society Organizations.

The Summary of the Report was released at October 2015 United Nations climate negotiations in Bonn, Germany, and can be accessed on the website of the review.

The full Report was released on November 4, 2015 and is also on the website of the review.

On this website, we are hosting a number of Technical Annexes and methodology background information to the report, specifically

  • METHODOLOGY DETAILS, For more information on the methodology behind this analysis
  • MITIGATION PATHWAY DETAILS, For details of the mitigation pathway considered in this review
  • FURTHER COUNTRY DETAILS, For for a “jump table” that takes you to specific pages within the Climate Equity Reference Calculator for more information. And sometimes to the INDC review pages, when they exist.